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Spotlight on some of the Digital Marketing & Engagement Tools

On Demand Internet  and Gamification Apps for Events   

Our Commitment as Your Event Internet Service Provider (ISP): To Deliver World-Class Conference WiFi and Internet Connectivity for You and Your Attendees

At Konza Cloud, we combine a series of best practices drawn from years of experience, a highly skilled network engineering team, robust IT, mobile, Engagement Applications and WiFi equipment, we partner with industry leading infrastructure deployment team to show you that we are serious about providing the best available event Internet services and engagements Apps. for your event. When evaluated alongside other meeting and conference Internet service providers, Konza Cloud is clearly the wise choice of discerning event organizers, as is evidenced by our long and growing list of satisfied clients.

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Reputation Management   

Monitor and manage your online reputation

Today, the online reputation of your business is defined by your customers.

Reviews, accurate business information, and social media activity impacts your reputation and whether a consumer decides to do business with you. You need a way to manage all of these factors in a scalable way. We can help!

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Productivity tools such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace provide business owners and their employees the capabilities of a full office, even while operating remotely, especially at this season of post Covid19. Provide teams with an interconnected work environment complete with video meetings, presentations, spreadsheets, word processing, and more; all shared on the cloud for unparalleled collaboration. 

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Provide a unified set of social media management tools that let businesses manage, understand, and improve their social media presence. Tell your clients’ or business stories and grow the audience with a platform you can trust.

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Konza Cloud offers website design solutions that are right for you, no matter your level of experience. From drag-and-drop pages to in-depth tools for web developers, we provide solutions for the entire range of web page creators.

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We provide clients with their own app featuring products that address their needs and proof-of-performance reporting under one brand; no setup or coding required. Prove to your business or clients the value you’re providing it or them by showing the increase in the listing score compared to the industry average, where there are errors, citation growth, and more.

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Appearing at the top results of Google is now a must for every business. With Konza Cloud suite of search engine optimization (SEO) services, you can improve customer acquisition, local visibility, and brand credibility for your business; positioning yourself as the SEO top optimised brand.

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Some of our happy Clients 

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Soul Sync Discoveries

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Diamond Junior School

Remote Online Streaming

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Digital Engagement Tools

CHOGM Rwanda

Product explainer videos

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